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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Addressing Questions when Inviting Children

I had an great question come up from one of my clients. She was sending her list to me and wanted to know how to address only outer envelopes when inviting children. Believe it or not, this isn't exactly a cut and dry issue. There are options out there, even if some people frown on them as "not etiquette".

First, if the child(ren) are over 18, they should receive their own invitation, even if they are still living at home.

Obviously, if you do have an inner envelope, the names of all those being invited, including children, should be listed there, not on the outer envelope. But if you are only sending an outer envelope, then try some of these approaches:

If you know all the names of the children, list them on the envelope, like such:
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith
Lisa, Aaron and Michael Smith

If there are too many to fit on one line, it is ok to list the additional names on the next line, like such:

Mr. and Mrs. James Smith
Lisa, Aaron, Michael
Susan and Joseph Smith

I have also seen the children receive their own invitation, especially if there are quite a few in the family. This is a pretty rare occurence, but visually speaking, the appearance of the envelope looks much better than having 6+ lines of peoples names and addresses.

One of the very last options is to address the envelope with "and Family". This is very much frowned upon by the etiquette police when addressing wedding envelopes. Since you are going through the work of addressing them, you should spend the time to address it to everyone being invited...which means finding out the names of all the children in the household. But I know how difficult this can be, especially if there will be a large number of families w/children being invited.

Lately, etiquette has been given a back burner on some of these ocassions, becuase it just isn't feasible to do it like we were living in the early 1900's. Times change and so do customs and etiquette. What works for one may not for another, but isn't that why life is so grand?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chicago weather for you!

Well, the first day of Spring was yesterday and today we have a full-blown snow storm happening! Our area is expecting up to 6 inches of snow! Chicago weather never ceases to amaze me. We may be wearing our boots with our Easter finest this weekend!

On another note, I finally finished up on the large wedding reception job I designed from scratch. She wanted the whole thing: programs, table cards, bag tags, menus and stationary to print itineraries. I am so excited about it because it was quite a challenge. Palm trees are not the easiest to create so I had to expand my knowledge of Photoshop and really push the limits of my abilities.

Since I wasn't sure what they were looking for, I created sort of an Art Deco tree....very modern:

Then she said she was looking more for a "true" palm tree, so I came up with this:

Ultimately, when we got the color squared away, and after numerous proofs and changes, the final products came out as such:

Yes, the Bag Tag (the last image) is a different color.....sort of. It is on white paper, but the bags she is putting them on are a much darker blue.....almost a turquoise color as opposed the the more sky blue/robin's egg color in the other items.
It was fun designing all these items....I do hope to do more of it....so bring your ideas!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wedding Season is in full swing!

Well, wedding season is in full swing here at LPD! I currently have a 5-7 days turn-around time for most envelope orders with longer times for programs and menus. But it is so much fun! It is great to talk to and sometimes meet the wonderful brides and grooms that allow me to create such excitment for their event. I know how much stress planning a wedding can bring; my hope is that I help eleviate some of that anxiety by creating beautiful envelopes that showcase what is inside...an amazing invitation to a magical event!

Spring Break will be upon my household soon, so I hope to be able to post some of the work that I have created for my clients. Stay tune!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Letter Perfect Designs Enters the World of Blogging!

Well, I've finally gone and done it.....I started a blog! I have been hesitating for months now, trying to decide if I could keep up with it. During that time I created some really cool program and menu designs for a few clients.....and it hit me! A blog would be a perfect place to showcase my new creations so everyone can see what I am currently working on.

So, here I am. It might be a bit before I can get the new designs up as I am swamped with addressing work right now, but I will get them up. In the meantime, I can get up my About Me info and other items.

Please stay tuned....more will be coming, I promise! Thanks!