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Monday, October 10, 2011

Teal/Black Inspiration Board

Happy Monday to all - hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. I know here in the Chicago area, we've been having some mighty fine weather the past week with temps in the 70's & 80's. I personally love these temperatures and wouldn't mind seeing them hang around for awhile. But, knowing Chicago weather, it won't be long before we've got the heavy jackets and boots on, so I will be savoring every second of these wonderful temps while I can get them!

Making my first attempt at an inspiration board and thought I'd start with, well, what I guess I'll call a "crush"...teal/turquoise! I just love this color....it has so much pop against many other hues, making it quite versatile in almost every season. Last week I showed you the turquoise and orange combination, beautiful for fall. This week I was checking out some inspiration colors associated with scrapbooking (my "other" passion) and saw this great ad from Talbot's featuring dark grey suits. They used the teal, black and grey colors for the written labels on the ad - very eye-catching. Bringing those colors together for an upcoming winter wedding or event seems so natural. Teal itself can have a lot of variations to it, and depending on which way you go, you can really create amazing looks. Add a little more black and/or green, you get  vintage, old-world sophistication. Go the other direction, adding more white and/or blue, you have a smooth and invigorating color.

Whatever the occasion, whether dark or light, teal is a color for all seasons - have fun with it!

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